Axiom Station

The privately-owned platform that builds on the legacy and foundation of continuous human presence in Low Earth Orbit established by the ISS. The first elements of Axiom will attach to the forward node of the ISS, providing modern accommodations for more astronauts, a first-of-its-kind immersive view of our beautiful Earth, and additional research and manufacturing volume.

When ISS is retired, Axiom Station will complete construction and detach to operate into the future as a free-flying complex for living and working in space – marking humankind’s next stage of LEO settlement.

Pressurized research space equivalent to U.S. lab​

Unpressurized payload locations​

Manufacturing facilities

Habitation modules contain eight 21st century crew quarters​

The largest window observatory ever constructed for space​

Crew-capable airlock

The station’s design takes advantage of the lessons learned from the Axiom team’s intimate involvement in the design, construction, and operation of the ISS. This along with modern manufacturing processes, industrial-grade hardware, and software design tools makes the new platform:

Lower cost to build

Easier to maintain

Ready to upgrade

The visionary creator Philippe Starck designed the highly elegant crew accommodations with comfort, care, and luxury that appropriately mark the new era we’re entering.

Each private crew berth provides a nest-like cabin​

Extraordinary, unobstructed views of Earth

High-bandwidth communications back to home


Dedicated to sharing an ethical and subversive version of a fairer planet, the famed French creator designed the Axiom modules to evoke a comfortable egg which preserves life in space’s “multi-directional freedom.”


Producing more than 10,000 creations during his three-decade career, Starck’s work includes Tokyo’s Nani Nani hotel, Saint Martin’s Lane in London, the Royal Monceau in France, and the superyacht, Venus.

Axiom provides crew missions aboard the International Space Station today, while building the commercial space station of tomorrow.


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