A Near-Earth Platform For:

Critical Systems Testing​

Human Adaptation And Mitigation Research​

Plant Growth And Other Biological Research

Make Sure Your Systems Will Do What You Want Far From Home

Leaving the Earth-Moon system means committing to at least a two year trip and durations will increase as humanity moves from exploration to pioneering to settling our solar system. Systems, processes and people must function reliably and for long durations in order for the crew to survive and for our destiny to be realized.

A platform in Earth orbit will always be necessary to adequately test systems, study human adaptation to longer and longer stays in space and learn better techniques for growing plants and other biologicals necessary for long duration space travel. This must be done close to home where trial and error is survivable, changes can be easily made, multiple versions can be tested and where humans ultimately can be returned home quickly in the event of an unforeseen event.

Axiom Space is providing just that platform for use as a commercial facility without the need for long term anchor tenancy commitments from government or commercial explorers.

Axiom supports all phases of mission preparation including technology demonstration, sub-scale system testing and long duration testing of final system designs. Axiom also provides research and testing of human factors including human responses to spaceflight and processes, training and certification.

NASA astronauts Scott Kelly (left) and Terry Virts (right) work on a carbon dioxide removal assembly​. Credit: NASA

Axiom provides crew missions aboard the International Space Station today, while building the commercial space station of tomorrow.


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