A Life-Defining Voyage to Earth Orbit

Today, almost twenty years after astronauts first began to live and work aboard the International Space Station, it gives me great pleasure to invite private individuals to traverse the sublime reach of space themselves.
Many of those who travel to space recount undergoing a fundamental cognitive shift. Viewing our home planet from the grander vantage point of the cosmos within which it is suspended, protected by a thin and wispy atmosphere, effects a transcendent experience that has been termed ‘the Overview Effect.’ Astronauts return from space changed, with a renewed perspective on humanity that remains with them the rest of their lives. The trip awakens something that feels primordial and eternal.
This is an invitation to inspire the next generation, create a life-defining adventure and a timeless legacy, and help open a new chapter in human history. Discover the magnificent voyage below.

Michael T. Suffredini

President & CEO

Missions to the ISS

The International Space Station has been continuously inhabited since 2000. The ISS is one of the greatest technical and diplomatic feats in human history and has, during its life, hosted hundreds of professional astronauts and thousands of scientific programs. It is scheduled to be retired within this decade, at which point the opportunity to live aboard this venerable, pioneering craft will be gone forever.
Axiom flights to the ISS begin in 2021. These missions will provide 10 days in microgravity at an altitude of 250 miles, allowing private astronauts to truly live the experience of life in space. 

Preparing for Your Journey

Flying with Axiom includes fifteen weeks of expert training at space agency facilities that only a privileged few get to see. Training prepares the participant as an astronaut, develops a deep camaraderie with fellow astronauts, and truly inaugurates one as a member of the exclusive space traveler family. 
The journey begins with an astronaut physical and medical checks shortly after signing. Then, in the months leading up to launch, your transformation commences.
For those wishing to deepen their experience, train to the level of professional astronauts, and do more in space, Axiom offers additional training modules including: 
High performance jet flights
Kennedy Space Center launch site tour
Robotics training
Suborbital spaceflights
Extreme environments training

The Thrill Of Launch

“On the day of the flight, we went out to the pad, we got into our seats, we launched and accelerated upward … and then, eventually, the engines cut off and we were in orbit. As I opened my seatbelts, I floated to the porthole in the capsule and I saw Earth from space for the first time. I sensed the warmth and energy of life emanating from Earth and I was overwhelmed by emotion. 

“I started crying, and my tears started floating in weightlessness.”
- Anousheh Ansari, Private Astronaut, Soyuz TMA-9


Life on Orbit

Each astronaut’s experience in the perch overlooking Earth is unique and personal, and visitors to orbit have carried out a broad range of activities. Axiom will work with you to design your itinerary. Examples include STEM education outreach, research, filmmaking and photography, and support for philanthropic causes. Whatever you choose, space offers creative freedom, inspiration, and a global megaphone that simply do not exist on Earth.

The Return

At your journey’s conclusion, you will surely have an emotional parting from the crew remaining on board as you don your spacesuit for the voyage home. Upon departure, the craft gently separates from the space station on its trajectory back to earth. As you drift into a progressively lower orbit, thrusters fire to slow the craft, precisely defining your reentry vector. As the capsule exits orbit, gravity takes control, and your exhilarating descent commences. 
Soon the parachutes deploy, gradually slowing you nearly to a complete stop before landing. The recovery crew greets you as you emerge, welcoming you safely home. 
Your wisdom, skills and senses have taken you to the heavens.
You are an astronaut. 

Life After Space

When someone returns from space, they are imbued with an aura reflecting their thirst for knowledge, their bravery, and their contribution to the human story. Having hovered, weightless, in a glittering field of stars, they are one of still fewer than 600 in human history to have answered the call to lead us out of the cradle.

Axiom provides crew missions aboard the International Space Station today, while building the commercial space station of tomorrow.


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