Transitioning From Research To Manufacturing

Since the late 1960’s, we have been learning the advantages of manufacturing in space and how to go about doing it – how materials behave, what equipment is needed and which markets will immediately present the largest demand.

We are now identifying products that represent potential commercial booms for those who come manufacture on the Axiom Station. The Internet opened a world of software applications and Axiom’s microgravity platform opens a world of manufacturing applications. The possibilities are as unlimited as the minds of entrepreneurs and scientists.

Manufacturing products in the unique environment in space for use on the ground and in space is the next industrial revolution. Axiom will provide the low-cost platform and high throughput logistics train necessary to develop, manufacture and bring your product to market.

Products Being Considered For High Volume Production Today Include:

The greatest opportunities are those we haven’t yet imagined. Axiom Space is a platform for innovators across the globe to develop unique products in microgravity for distribution to mass markets on Earth and for utilization in space.

Fiber optics​

Higher-strength, lower-weight alloy products​


Biomedical research components such as protein crystals​

Biological tissues, including human organs​


Advantages Of Manufacturing In Space

Control of convection​

Elimination of sedimentation​

Diffusion allows otherwise immiscible materials to be intermixed​

Larger, higher-quality crystals​

Near-absolute vacuum of space allows for pure materials and objects​

Vapor deposition can be conducted layer by layer without defects​

Surface tension produces perfect spheres​

Sunlight can be focused to melt materials​

Shaded exterior exposure achieves temperatures close to absolute zero​

Temperature gradient can be used to produce strong materials

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials include alloys, glasses & porcelains, specialized layered deposition materials and other integrated materials. One example, seen here is fiber optic glass produced in microgravity (left) and in normal gravity (right).

Fiber optics pulled in Earth’s gravity (right) vs. those pulled in microgravity (left). Smooth surface avoids signal scatter and clear fiber allows for faster transmission​. Credit: NASA

Axiom provides crew missions aboard the International Space Station today, while building the commercial space station of tomorrow.


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